Sunday, 28 November 2010

Adriatic Idyll - Distinctive Fireplace

Browsing through the Architectural Digest website of designers favourite fireplaces, I was delighted to see this photo again, and in lead position too. It's of the distinctive fireplace in the living room of a renovated 15th century village house on the island of Lopud, one of Dubrovnik's Elafiti Islands and an island I look at every day. I posted this property July last year with more interior photos (click)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Thinking of Summer Sailing

The week just gone has been a week of HEAVY rains in Dubrovnik. The Old Town turned into Venice and friends as far away as New Zealand emailed me; the news had gone around the world. So, instead of posting miserable pictures of floods, collapsed walls, rocks on main roads and cars in gutters, I thought I would post a happier picture of yachts - a photo taken during a regatta on Cres, an island in the north of Croatia.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

From There to Here, 7 Years Ago ...

7 years ago today we arrived in Dubrovnik from Mallorca, Balearic Islands. Sometimes Dubrovnik feels like an island - bordered by coasts of Bosnia (albeit tiny) and Montenegro.
We started with this in Mallorca ... great little car (one previous lady owner, non smoker)

Then progressed to .... NO! I jest, this is a rental car on the island of Mljet, so cute!

Then progressed to this for our drive across the Continent. This little beast is now happily back in Mallorca, we returned and sold it to an Argentinean family.

One of the many golden sand beaches of Mallorca, this being Playa de Palma at dawn

The same beach in Mallorca during the day, off season. I admit, I still do miss my sandy beaches

The town beach of Dubrovnik, Banja. What a glorious backdrop of the Old Town!

My old drive to work in Palma used to take me past the breathtaking beauty of the impressive Gothic Cathedral along the Paseo Maritimo

Now, when I drive to the supermarket I pass this glorious sight of the Old Town Dubrovnik

Mallorca: Our old apartment building (one of 4 apartments in 4 years! we liked to move ... then)

With a lovely swimming pool and gardens ...

Mallorca: one of our previous apartments with a smidgen of sea view ... and view of the neighbours swimming pool ...

Dubrovnik: where we live now ... er ... no, you didn't think I would show you where I live now did you? Might get the paparazzi ... needless to say we live in a stone house with a red roof ...

Mallorca: My man's former place of work ...

Croatia: my man's former place of work last year. I love blue hulls on yachts ...

Croatia: My man's current place of work .... well over 60 metres ... but currently not in Croatia

Mallorca: The beautiful Puerto Portals marina

Mallorca: The gorgeous Puerto Portals promenade with expensive restaurants ...

Mallorca: another view of the marina with the glorious turquoise sea

Croatia: the ACI marina in Dubrovnik, sleepy little place until summer, when it's full of action. Great restaurant too and not expensive as Mallorca!

Mallorca: our old beach and sunbathing area. The clear waters are stunning

Mallorca: one of my favourite places of Maioris, overlooking the Bay of Palma

Croatia: a deserted cove on the Peljesac Peninsula .... a little piece of heaven

Croatia: My view at dawn .................................. great start to the day when you see this

Croatia: fabulous Adriatic Sea and sunshine

Croatia: Azure Croatia! (NB I did not post a pic of our view in Mallorca, as we did not have a view as such, just onto a neighbours villa ....)

So, 7 years ago today we made the big leap over to Croatia ... lots of great memories of Mallorca of course. Croatia is the longest time ever in one place, since I began my travels in 1987. Just by seeing some of the above photos and reading this blog makes you realise what has captivated me and kept me here for all those years .....

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dubrovnik in the Autumn

My favourite season is autumn ... and look, right into November the weather has been fantastic (forget the interlude of the storm!). This was Sunday 14th Nov ... incredible calm sea all day and the sunset is to die for.

Dubrovnik from the top of Srd hill looks amazing.
The island of Lokrum at twilight.
The newly reopened cable car taking passengers up the hill in less than 3 minutes.
Would make fabulous wallpaper?
Sunset ... and the islands beyond Dubrovnik. Here we have the peninsula of Lapad, and the islands of Daksa, Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, Mljet and to the west - Sveti Andrija (St. Andrew).
You can see all the detailing of the fortress when located up on high!
November promises pink and purple sunsets. Hardly a ripple.
Fabulous! No trickery, no filters, just a great photo of nature

Streetlights on in Dubrovnik and on the peninsula of Lapad.
Showing Gruz harbour and the islands beyond.

The last flicker of sunset. Perhaps there was a green flash?

I am honoured to have been given these photos by my colleague Jela, who is a Croatian/Canadian, here from Toronto, a fabulous friend and a great photographer! I can imagine these images being excellent wallpaper one day ... I enjoyed the day on the terrace whereas Jela hiked up the hill to take these photos, right up until darkness! Thank you!
photos J. Begonja

Peeling paint ...

I found these images from when we sailed Dubrovnik to Split, and cannot remember on which island they were taken. No matter, the colour is gorgeous against the ancient stone.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Queen Elizabeth visits Dubrovnik

On just her 3rd voyage Cunard's new Queen Elizabeth visited Dubrovnik for the day.
Inching slowly towards the dock, having been in Venice yesterday.
Magnificent! Where is my long evening dress to go running up and down those stairways?!
Coming around the corner into Gruz harbour. Dubrovnik's bridge is a handy place to "ship watch". She was an hour late arriving, no matter - they had fog in Venice!
My former QE2 "mates" from over a decade ago, now Captain and Deputy Captain of this magnificent new ship. An honour to have the full tour around, and lunch in the Britannia Grill - fine wine and food. Heaven! A fabulous and memorable day.