Sunday, 31 May 2009

Kike Flowers, Dubrovnik

I have just heard that my friend Nada has just become a partner in the florist business she has been working at for several years. Always busy and working extremely hard I am so pleased for Nada to now be in partnership at Kike (pron. Kee-ke). They create imaginative and marvellous floral displays for hotels, weddings, birthdays and the superyachts in Dubrovnik. Well done!

Sardines and salad Sunday lunch

After our terrific (read horrific) all night thunderstorm recently it was great today to sit outside on the balcony for Sunday lunch. Sardines and salad, prepared by Edin, along with beers! Very refreshing and healthy (the sardines and salad part). Summer is here when we can have the doors open all day and sit on the sofa under the parasol watching the yachts ...

Motor Yacht South

We had Sunday morning coffee in Cavtat today close to the airport. Berthed in the main bay was the luxury M/Y South, Italian flag. She is of a Navi Rossi design, 53m (174') and can take 12 guests and 12 crew. Impressive sight. Click here to see more.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Fabulous Friday!

At the end of my postings now so will sign off with stunning photos from a great designer I have discovered called Frank Roop, found through House of Turquoise . Sadly not of my house, but this gives me inspiration for what it could be like, lots of white, light and airey with a beachy feel. Have a great weekend!

Konoba Kasar, Zaton Veliki

Zaton Veliki (Big Bay) is my favourite area of Dubrovnik, just 10 mins drive north of the centre. Beautiful large bay with stone properties hugging the coastline, pinewooded walks and idyllic coves. Tuesday evening we went out for dinner with our Yorkshire friends, Gaynor & Ralph, to the waterfront restaurant Konoba Kasar. The fish is superb and you can tickle your toes in the sea. Excellent service from the family owners too.

Today's View

This post is for CARLA who recently commented and complimented me several weeks ago. She would love to live in another country and through Azure Croatia blog she can see and enjoy the Dubrovnik lifestyle. Fancy living in a house with a view like this? Well today I saw a fabulous villa in the area of Ploce where ALL the properties have stunning views. My own picture-postcard photo! Summer is here!

The vines are growing

Had a long day on the Peljesac Peninsula yesterday. The vineyards everywhere are quickly sprouting. The famous wine from Dingac has steep cliff side terraces, south-facing to receive the sun and the spray with the south wind, thus giving the wines the award-winning taste.

Drove to Viganj which is near the tip of the peninsula - about 2 hours north of Dubrovnik. This delightful village has many stone captain's houses lining the coast (the big ones go for 1 million euros). A very unhurried laid back resort, with kite-surfers, wind-surfers and campers relaxing and enjoying the peace. A 15 minute ferry ride brings you to the island of Korcula, with Korcula walled town like a mini Dubrovnik.

Driving back along the windy narrow roads I had to stop and take a photo at Trstenik. See above the red roof of a frontline house belonging to private estate owner with acres of vineyards, priceless location. The sea looks Caribbean-like. Trstenik is a home of Grgic Vina Winery that was founded by Napa Valley winemaker Mike Grgich, a Croatian emigre, in 1958. Grgich, who earned international fame as the winemaker at Calistoga's Chateau Montelena, founded his own Grgich Hills winery in Rutherford in 1971. Red wine Plavac Mali is famous produce of this winery.

Dubrovnik's 'Spanish Steps'

I'm happy it's Friday today as has been a busy week - all go! Visited the Old Town Dubrovnik to take on a wreck of a property with 'lots of potential'. Nearby I couldn't miss the photo opportunity of the steps based on Rome's Spanish Steps by the impressive Jesuit Church.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Bermuda in Croatia

My favourite island is Bermuda. I bought this huge signed print of a photo by Ian Macdonald-Smith back in '96 and had it hanging on the wall in ... Yorkshire, England. As I am trying to recreate my beach theme here in Dubrovnik, I brought this back from UK this month, had it framed and now looks fabulous as you walk into the bedroom.

Dolphins and Parasailing

To join 2 posts together from this week. Tuesday at 7.30pm the sea was calm and mirror-like and out of the sea bounced 1 .... 3 .... 6 dolphins! Too late to get the camera, but ok for binoculars. Here is a beautiful wooden/pewter pot I bought somewhere in the 90's on my travels, probably Key West. Wednesday saw again the same calm seas and this time parasailing. Normally our unexpected strong winds prohibit this sport, but that day was perfect.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Azamara Quest

Woke up this morning to see this cruise ship gently floating by. The sea was calm and mirror-like. Azamara Quest was the name of the ship (through binoculars) with a Maltese flag. Not heard of the ship before so I Googled the name and found Azamara Cruises.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cavtat near Dubrovnik

I have been to Cavtat today, a busy working Saturday ... had chance to take a few photos of the promenade which was looking lovely with tourists enjoying the sun, 30c/85+f heat sat at the pavement cafes and the few yachts moored. Cavtat (pron. Savtat) is 3km from the airport and approx 25km from Dubrovnik centre. A favourite amongst tourists as the resort encompasses everything you would want on a holiday: swimming, walks, restaurants, bars, fresh markets, beaches, coves, views .... wonderful!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Russian superyacht in town

Roman Abramovic's superyacht 'Pelarus' has arrived in town. At 115 metres she is a monster and is just one of a few yachts he owns. Anchored in Cavtat, south of Dubrovnik she is quite a sight. More superyachts are destined for Dubrovnik - they tend to start arriving following the Monaco Grand Prix (this weekend).

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shade Sails

Aren't these just gorgeous? I found the Coolaroo website via one of my favourite blogs Materialious. As I 'have connections' with a local sailmaker, I think I should promote these sail shades as a side line. I can think of a few of my friends/clients whose gardens and terraces would look fabulous with these ....

Hotel Admiral, Slano

It's been a busy afternoon in Slano, 30km north of Dubrovnik. I popped into see the newly opened 5 star Hotel Admiral. WOW! I was impressed. Of course I asked to see a room, and they showed me two inc an apartment. Great styling, luxurious, modern, clean lines and comfortable. A sandy beach in front too. A hotel to recommend, and I can just imagine lunch with friends this summer on their terrace.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Beautiful Figs

Croatia's Mediterranean climate is excellent for cultivating figs. We visited our friends' garden today and saw their figs are soon to ripen within a week or two. Wonderful fresh figs - our favourite.

Driftwood Designs

When I was in England last week I 'raided' my box from the past containing souvenirs I had bought from my travels - and carried a couple here to Croatia. Above is an enamelled fish decoration I bought from Driftwood Designs, Marathon Key, Florida circa .... 1989! Crikey 20 years in a box. Now I will put it on the stone balcony wall overlooking the sea. Wonder if the shop is still there?

Saturday, 16 May 2009


Living in Croatia - Eurovision is taken seriously! Every year we have an evening in with dinner and a bottle of wine, watching, enjoying and sometimes laughing at the entries. Several rapid texts tend to go between myself and my friend, Maria in England Not sure what to make of UK's entry this year at all - have they entered the right competion? Even when we lived in Mallorca, Eurovision was 'important' to many locals. So who will win? Edin wants Iceland, I like Denmark (written by Ronan Keating).

Painting everything white

Trying to make our place like a 'beach house' I began painting several items today, white - from bedside light (bought cheaply in Thailand years ago, so if the painting went wrong, no matter) to a magazine wicker basket. All good so far, but with paint on my hands. Strange weather day: hot, humid, no movement in the sea, whiteout skies ....

Friday, 15 May 2009


I received in my inbox today the newsletter from Lombok, a UK based website shopping company with items which I love. Eastern Inspired Living is the tagline, and prices are great! With a larger house than I have already I could easily fill it with these lovely products.