Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Before & after, stone house restoration II

This shows a marvellous renovation of a house I sold 3 years ago, located on The Stradun (main promenade) of the Old Town, Dubrovnik, indicating what can be done with a centuries old property. The whole house of just 77m2 was totally gutted including ceilings/floors which were re-aligned as previously the 1st floor was barely 6ft high and the second floor was very high. Now it's an impressive 3 bedroom house for rental, right in the heart of the historical medieaval city.
Before - second floor bedroom

After - converted to the open-plan living room/kitchen

After - another view of the high ceilings in the open-plan living room

Before - first floor bedroom, with low ceilings

After - first floor bedroom with en suite bathroom, with higher ceilings

Before - attic

After - bedroom with twin beds, great for the kids

Before - 3rd floor kitchen

After - 3rd floor bedroom with en suite bathroom

Before - first floor bedroom, with low ceilings

After - first floor bedroom with en suite bathroom

Before - second floor bedroom, with high ceilings

After - second floor, now living room

Before - bathroom

After - bathroom

Before - a stairway

After - stairway remodelled!

After - stairway remodelled, showing other side of living area

The Stradun, the same now as it was centuries ago ..... unchanged! The marble slabs were laid in 1468!

French porcelain votive lights

During winter I always have lots of candles around the living room in the evening. The favourites are the above Bernardaud porcelain votive lights. One of the leaving gifts from my time at sea (well chosen by the Captain's wife!) was the "bouquet of roses" light. We found the "sailboats" in Little Switzerland, St Maarten to add to the collection. The exquisite detail is illuminated when a tea-light is placed inside. Dozens of scenes exist: New York, Paris, Orchids, Japanese Gardens, Humming birds, Chicago .... even golf. See here.

Moving to Croatia, 2003

'Twas a cold and frosty morning, way back in November 2003. Moving from Mallorca to Croatia this photo was taken somewhere in Italy along the way. Can you believe we came here with our "life" jam packed into the car. Now when customs at the Slovenian border wanted us to remove everything .... I had a British hizzy fit and the customs waved us through!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

6 years ago today .... Dubrovnik!

I was reminded that today's the day SIX years ago when we arrived in Dubrovnik. Coming by jeep from Mallorca to set up home. Since leaving England in 1987, Croatia is the longest time for me to ever live in one place. Must be the views, people, wine, food, coastline, clear seas, climate, safety, friends .... which are keeping me here. I have some photos from the early days on another computer which I will dig out soon.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Looking through the window, I can see ...

Wow, what a view looking down upon Dubrovnik's Old Town
Enjoy a coffee on the balcony looking towards the Medieaval Old Town
Derelict house aching to be renovated with a view onto islands
Year round enjoyment overlooking the bay, a safe-haven for sailors
The Jadrolinja ferry heading to the islands
View onto islands
Views of the bay from your living room window
View onto superyachts gracing the bay in summer.
Wake up to this glorious beach view
View of the small bay for fishing boats with the town beyond
Building the balcony with the picture-postcard view of Dubrovnik!
Shady terrace overlooking the sea and islands
Imagine having breakfast on the balcony with these terrific views
Attractive arched terrace towards the islands
A quiet corner for reflection ... overlooking one of the greatest Medieaval Old Towns in the world!
Here are a selection of photos, within a 30km radius of Dubrovnik, all with spectacular views, looking through the windows ...

Africa in Dubrovnik

Here's one of the "kittens" - nearly 6 years old! Called Africa she's a little timid, but loving when she wants to be. She enjoys the balcony every day looking out for birds, insects, flying fish and bats!

Sunsets galore

Previous week's sunset with heavy rain clouds on horizon
I've been "missing" for a week as home laptop connection failed since last Saturday. Back on track now. Experiencing fabulous sunsets every afternoon - this week the sky was purple. Great to have daily temps of 20 degrees too.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Saga Rose in Dubrovnik

7 o'clock this morning, the start of a glorious sunny day. The horn of a ship woke me up, together with a voice on the tannoy to the passengers (so loud, so early!); the dulcet tones I recognised to be that of Captain David Warden-Owen, a captain I worked for on Cunard Dynasty in 1996. The sound easily travelled across the sea to the shore as the air was still. The Saga Rose is on her final Mediterranean tour before retiring end of the month having been built in 1965. I nipped outside onto the balcony in pyjamas to take the photo. All the best to the Captain if he is reading this!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mosaic Art

Since I posted about Sonia King's fabulous mosaic art, I have been taking more of an interest in the new style of custom mosaics that are around. Now modern technology allows a glass-mosaic mural to be made of any .jpeg you have. The possibilities are endless. See here.
source: materialicious, glass decor

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Before & after, stone house restoration

Here we have a typical restoration of an ancient stone property here in Dalmatia. This house I sold 2 years ago to one of our discerning clients and has undergone a spectacular renovation ... small and cute (like a Gingerbread House in the children's stories) with a "secret garden" once through the wooden doors into the high-walled courtyard. Magical! Enjoy the photos.

This centuries old stone property is well located, frontline in a gorgeous resort here in Dalmatia. The house still remains a two bedroom residence but now has en suite bathrooms, living room with exposed stone walls and authentic wooden beams, dining room, kitchen and guest w.c. The walled private garden with numerous original stone features includes; columns, benches and a real wishing well (with water!). The view above shows the covered afresco dining area with bbq and stone seating - perfect for chillier days with a real fire, wine and fabulous friends! Delightful!