Thursday, 12 November 2009

Saga Rose in Dubrovnik

7 o'clock this morning, the start of a glorious sunny day. The horn of a ship woke me up, together with a voice on the tannoy to the passengers (so loud, so early!); the dulcet tones I recognised to be that of Captain David Warden-Owen, a captain I worked for on Cunard Dynasty in 1996. The sound easily travelled across the sea to the shore as the air was still. The Saga Rose is on her final Mediterranean tour before retiring end of the month having been built in 1965. I nipped outside onto the balcony in pyjamas to take the photo. All the best to the Captain if he is reading this!


  1. Pretty ship. Is it the old Sagafjord?

  2. Hi Anneke, yes she is the old Sagafjord. You used to work on her right? Click on the Saga Rose link and you can read the history.