Saturday, 28 February 2009

First motor yacht of the season

Excitement! Today was the first day of the year to see a private motoryacht pass the balcony since early Dec '08. Although fishing boats have been scooting about in the cold plus the odd police boat, this was the first "yacht". Not in the Abramovich category (they arrive in June) but at least something nice to look at. 14 deg./58 deg. and warm!

Harbour View

This is the view from my friend's apartment - overlooking the harbour and islands beyond. Whereas my view can be (dare I say it) sometimes "boring" with just expansive sea, my friend's view always has some activity to look at.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Friday's Flowers

I had a lovely suprise this morning - found this gorgeous HUGE bouquet of flowers on my office desk. Sent from Belgium from Peter, my client who is buying an apartment near Dubrovnik. Very kind words too on the pretty card. We haven't completed just yet, but will be soon. I wish all my clients were as lovely as Peter! Thank you.

Friday's Sunset

Although with a band of cloud on the horizon tonight, we still had a lovely sunset with a golden glow before losing the sun ... around 5.30pm. Getting later every day which is encouraging.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Mussels and Oysters from Ston

This is one of our favourite restaurants in Mali Ston - about 50km north of Dubrovnik. Restaurant Bota Sare is full of character with stone walls and vaulted ceilings. Lunch here is always superb with a platter to share of oysters and mussels, washed down with white wine. Grown in the sea right in front, you can see the chefs hauling the molluscs fresh out out of the water. Incredibly the restaurant has reasonable prices for the service and food you get. Recommended. Check here for some great aerial photos of Ston and Mali Ston.

Old Town, Dubrovnik

Good to see a picture of the Old Town Dubrovnik port in the summer time. Roll on Spring time.

Dubrovnik NOW!

Taken yesterday afternoon (24.02) close to my home. Shows the monastry on Danche Beach and the rear of the Old Town behind. Mountain looks magnificent with the snow, as ours has nearly all gone.

David Hockney's Alliums

I love this David Hockney painting of my favourite flowers; Alliums. The colours in the painting are vivid and draw your eye to the showy spherical flower heads. The onion family never looked so good. Simple and effective.

Monday, 23 February 2009

1 metre sailing boat

Here is "Widget-53" the boat of Edin which he races in the 1 metre radio control competitions. This is a winter sailing passion which is becoming a great hobby of many sailors in the Dubrovnik Yacht Club. It takes skill to sail these and you need to know how to sail well before getting behind the controls of this. In October Edin was involved in the European Championships in Dubrovnik which had 90 sailors from all over the World, not just Europe - Brazil, S.A. and Australia. In the spirit of Azure Croatia - his boat is blue!

Calm Seas

Our snow and ice has gone (just on the mountain tops now) and Spring should be around the corner. The trees are beginning to blossom, and hopefully the cold blast of last week hasn't stopped them. Have seen several speed boats out at sea ... brrr, still cold but in the sun is warm.

Saturday, 21 February 2009


Before February is out I'd like to post this of Mum at Christmas (only 9 weeks ago!). It is a lovely photo of her in her turquoise blouse and she looks so elegant for ... mid 70's. Birthday in March. You look great. We love you.

Greg's Visit

With me being the youngest of 5 (3 brothers, 1 sister) it was great to have Greg visit during July '08. Here's Greg at his favourite waterfront bar in the Old Town. Also up the mountain at the "lamb under the bell" restaurant and on our balcony with a nice yacht sailing by. Come back soon!

Sunsets in Dubrovnik

I will limit myself (this time) for sharing just a few sunsets. I have lots on another computer which I will dig out. Winter is the best time as we see the sun setting into the sea. Sunset now is about 1730 hrs. On one of the Cunard ships we used to have to tradition in Alaska of "tea on the bridge" at sunset watching out for the green flash Magical.

Warmth again

With the sun shining and no wind it is hard to think it is February. The cats are enjoying themselves on the balcony - they were scared of the "white stuff" on Thursday.

What a difference a day makes

I thought I must share this photo with you before I put snow memories to the back of my mind. Ski-ing on The Stradun! This is the main marble promenade in the heart of the walled old city going back to the 7th century. Not my photo. This fortress is traffic-free. Not a soul around.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Favourite pictures

Will finish today sharing two of my favourite pictures, but not my photos. One is of a dog rose flower (courtesy of a Liz Earle brochure) and the other is a little leaping kitten - such a happy little fella!

Summertime on Lopud

I need to think about summer to get me through these cold days. Edin & I had dinner last night at the apartment of our American friends, Mary Anne & Andy - the cuisine was tremendous! Their friendship is much appreciated, and we are pleased that this 2005 photo above taken of 6 of us on Lopud island is still displayed in their home. Cheers guys!

Sailing at the Weekend

The weekend is upon us and I am preparing to become a "sailor's widow" yet again. Yes, Edin is off to Split sailing. Here are some from last year - the faster the better. Yikes! Think I'll go out only when it's calm. When the golf course comes to Dubrovnik I'll no doubt be a "golfer's widow".

Almond Blossom ... in Spain

I was thrilled to hear from my good friends Lesley & Ron today. They sent a photo of the almond blossom flowering in Spain where they live. Beautiful colours. Lesley was my bank manager with Banco Santander in Mallorca way back in 2001 and I miss her.

Snow's Going!

So pleased the snow lasted just one day. What freak weather. The photo above shows Edin yesterday shovelling the snow/ice from the front door steps. The top two are taken this afternoon with the back of the Old Town framed by the mountains. Expecting a good weekend!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Waking up to snow!

Our blizzard lasted all afternoon and all night. We still have strong winds sweeping down from the mountains. Not for 4 decades has Dubrovnik seen such snow. This has now turned to ice. At least we have sunshine which should help the melting. Anyone reading this who lives in a snowy climate will think it's not a lot, but here in the Mediterranean it is something new. Stay warm!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Snow in Dubrovnik

Well anyone from Dubrovnik will know it NEVER snows in Dubrovnik! Not since 1965 did we have big snow (though a fleeting sleet in 2005). Today is the day. These photos are courtesy of our friends Keith (South African) and his new bride Anita who live in Dubrovnik. Their Husky must be the only one who is really enjoying these temps and snow .............. Cannot get anymore of my own photos tonight, the wind is too strong to open the front door - blizzard continues. Great beer cooler, Keith!

Karaka boat in Dubrovnik

Here is a magnificent 30m (101ft) boat called Karaka which during the summer sails daily past our balcony. This is a replica of the type of vessels used during 14-17th century in the Dubrovnik Republic. Now used for touristic purposes; you can have a day tour, sunset cruise with dinner or just a coffee. Also used for incentive groups. Quite a sight!

David Hockney's Swimming Pools

Originating from Bradford like the artist David Hockney, I admire some (not all!) of his art especially the ones here - "Day Pool with 3 Blues" and "A Bigger Splash". His permanent exhibition is in Salts Mill in Saltaire, close to the town of Shipley where mum lives.

Island of Lopud - day to sunset

My favourite island near to Dubrovnik is Lopud. It is traffic-free. This is taken from where we stayed; I just clicked every few minutes. Pre-digital camera days so no colour enhancing. The sunset we have framed in our living room.

Dubrovnik v The Maldives

On the chilliest (and snowiest) day in Dubrovnik, I am reminded of my good friends Petra & Marc who are living out in The Maldives. They have a dive business and have been there for 10+ years. I met Petra in Thailand in '93. Every so often I receive a photo like this from their island which takes a mere 10 mins to walk around. Anyone planning to go to The Maldives let me know and I'll let you know which island they operate from.