Saturday, 21 November 2009

6 years ago today .... Dubrovnik!

I was reminded that today's the day SIX years ago when we arrived in Dubrovnik. Coming by jeep from Mallorca to set up home. Since leaving England in 1987, Croatia is the longest time for me to ever live in one place. Must be the views, people, wine, food, coastline, clear seas, climate, safety, friends .... which are keeping me here. I have some photos from the early days on another computer which I will dig out soon.


  1. Hi Mandy-Jo,
    I'm so happy for you and your life in Croatia. I was born in Croatia, in Istria, and have moved since quite a lot. I left the country in 1992 because of the war and been dreaming ever since of coming back. Finding your blog reminded me what a wonderful country I had. I miss it very much each day of my life. Living there, don't you feel like knowing a secret nobody else know? So much beauty... I'm so nostalgic these days, I started to think seriously of going back to Europe from Canada where I live now. Isn't life just to precious to spend it shoveling snow 6 months a year? I seriously think it is. Do you plan to stay in Dubrovnik or have you already some other plans? Thanks for listening!

  2. Hi Yasmine, thanks for the comment. At the mo I'll be staying in Dubrovnik, no plans to go elsewhere. Indeed the location and views are something which keep me here - I could go elsewhere and earn much more, but for what? to watch my bag/safety all the time? Today 25 Nov it is a joy to fling open the shutters at 7.30am to see the calm seas and glorious sunrise, and elsewhere in the world there are gales, snow, cold ... The foreigners living here are very cosmopolitan from all over the world, indeed the best wine bar in town is owned by a Canadian! Cheers!

  3. Yasmine - I read on your site you reside in Quebec City. I've been there! The city is gorgeous and the Chateau Frontenac was beautiful. Yes the ship navigated the St. Lawence River for a few overnights. Great memories.