Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dubrovnik in the Autumn

My favourite season is autumn ... and look, right into November the weather has been fantastic (forget the interlude of the storm!). This was Sunday 14th Nov ... incredible calm sea all day and the sunset is to die for.

Dubrovnik from the top of Srd hill looks amazing.
The island of Lokrum at twilight.
The newly reopened cable car taking passengers up the hill in less than 3 minutes.
Would make fabulous wallpaper?
Sunset ... and the islands beyond Dubrovnik. Here we have the peninsula of Lapad, and the islands of Daksa, Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan, Mljet and to the west - Sveti Andrija (St. Andrew).
You can see all the detailing of the fortress when located up on high!
November promises pink and purple sunsets. Hardly a ripple.
Fabulous! No trickery, no filters, just a great photo of nature

Streetlights on in Dubrovnik and on the peninsula of Lapad.
Showing Gruz harbour and the islands beyond.

The last flicker of sunset. Perhaps there was a green flash?

I am honoured to have been given these photos by my colleague Jela, who is a Croatian/Canadian, here from Toronto, a fabulous friend and a great photographer! I can imagine these images being excellent wallpaper one day ... I enjoyed the day on the terrace whereas Jela hiked up the hill to take these photos, right up until darkness! Thank you!
photos J. Begonja


  1. Stunning! Are those little islands inhabited?

  2. Carla. Kolocep and Lopud are inhabited yet have no cars, traffic free bliss! There are other posts on my blog on Lopud. Sipan is a bit larger, inhabited and about 50 cars. Mljet in the distance is inhabited with a few cars but half of the island is a stunning National Park! Great islands on my doorstep! St. Andrews islands has just a lighthouse.