Friday, 24 July 2009

An Adriatic Idyll

Towels by Calvin Klein
Linens by Calvin Klein. Pierre Paulin's ribbon chair
Jorge Zalszupin's Brazilian rosewood armchairs
Lavender in the Mediterranean garden
Gardens by David Kelly of Rees Roberts & Partners
The promenade of the car-free island of Lopud
I posted last week about a Croatian property appearing in the August edition of Architectural Digest, well now I see it is online. The magazine has not mentioned which island, but immediately I see it is Lopud, where I am heading tomorrow to take on a stone house for sale! 45 minutes by slow ferry from Dubrovnik. This is gorgeous, just my style and a mix of old and new. Henrietta the donkey was used to bring materials up from the port to the house, but is now "free-range". Slide show Read the article here
Steven Harris Architects, Interior and Landscape Design by Rees Roberts & Partners.


  1. Oh my..........I'm positively GREEN with envy! That place is to die for! I wonder if they would like to trade it for my 10 acre rural Oregon home? donkeys here, but I DO have 2 mini horses! They refuse to do any work, though.

  2. It sounds bliss to me to have 10 acres of land - that would be a fortune to buy here in Dubrovnik! Portland Oregon I have been to, but sounds like you are inland.

    Lopud island has no cars and any houses on the hillside are reached by steps. This gorgeous architect one has 250 steps - which the donkey had to negotiate. Fortunately the house I have for sale through business, has a mere 37, I counted them!

  3. Mandy Jo,

    I am absolutely OBSESSED with this house. Are there other houses like it on Lopud that are for rent?? If so, can you suggest any?? My family is visiting Croatia next year and we are starting to book all the accommodations. Please let me know and thanks, I love your blog!!!