Wednesday, 2 December 2009

From Alaska to Croatia

From Alaska to Croatia (and around the world inbetween). Many people ask how I met my man as he is Croatian and I am British. "I met him in Alaska". Back in 1996 on Cunard's Crown Dynasty we met whilst working on the ship and berthed in Juneau. The ship had 300 crew and about 28 were Croatian, and half of these originated from Dubrovnik. Alaska has breathtaking scenery, incredible glaciers (which you can walk on), clear unpolluted air, stunning natural landscapes, and magical sunsets, never mind watching up close the beauty of the whales, bears and abundant wildlife.


  1. How romantic! I think working on a cruise ship would be a fun job for a young person. I know they work long hours and it's not an easy job, but who cares when you get to see the world (and meet dashing Dubrovnians)?

  2. Indeed! I would recommend everyone to spend a little time working on a ship/yacht to see the world and get paid for it! It was a fabulous 5 years of my life - now "not rich in money, but rich in memories"