Monday, 7 February 2011

Before & After 1-bedroom, Old Town

Time for another Before and After!  This 32m2 one bedroom apartment is located in the Old Town.  We took on this apartment way back in 2004 and have sold it 3 times.  From Croatian to Israeli to Australian to another Australian (living in Papua New Guinea!) .... so here we have "before", "during" and "after" photos.
Exterior After
Location within the Old Town walls
The very first time for selling, way back in 2004 (we have sold it 3 times!)
During.  This is during the 2nd sale of the property.
Again during the 2nd sale of the propety

After, this is the final sale, after renovation, wow!

This is at the first sale of the property.  Love the stone sink!
After.  The stone sink has gone (where?), but the renovation is great.
During the 2nd sale of the property, poorly renovated
After the 3rd sale of the property
During the 2nd sale, the owner just put in cheap bed and closet.
After!  Wow!  Great styling in the bedroom
During the 2nd sale, nothing wow with the shower room
After with the 3rd sale, a proper shower!
The 1st sale of the property, a blind corridor at back of apt
After the 3rd sale, the blind corridor becomes an en suite bathroom
Certainly an intriguing apartment .. and one which can be rented.  See here, from 60 euros per night.

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