Thursday, 21 October 2010

Agro-tourism restaurant in the mountains

We had an excellent meal last night up in the mountains ... at an agro-tourism restaurant. Very authentic and run by the owners who prepared an excellent meal of lamb under the bell ...
We were greeted by the owners wearing traditional Croatian costume ...
The meal of lamb and potatoes is cooked under "a bell" surrounded by hot ashes for approx 3 hours. Delicious!
Care and attention throughout with the restoration of the mill ...
Starting the evening with a grappa, cherry liqueur or my favourite "Orahavica" which is walnut liqueuer. Fresh figs, sugared orange peel and sugared almonds. All drink made on the premises and all food either homemade or locally sourced.
Not a vat of red wine which I originally thought, but a vat of liquid fermenting for making the liqueurs .... slowly bubbling ...
The shed had an assortment of barrels of wine
More barrels and wine bottles ...
The restaurant with old black and white family photos, adding to the nostalgia of the area.
The bar
Modern vats of wine ... with the friendly cat
The cat followed us everywhere
Following a full meal of prosciutto ham, cheese, lamb potatoes, cod risotto, sardines, salad, rozata (like an egg custard desert) and copious homemade wine ... it was time for dancing
Jelka the owner has won an award for being one of the best Croatian business women ... she certainly has the flair for being a great hostess and entertainer for our small group.

More information and photos on this restaurant see here

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