Thursday, 24 September 2009

Late afternoon sunshine

Autumn seems to be closing in now with dusk being earlier every night. The legendary tall ship Sea Cloud came sailing past at 5.30pm and into a fabulous sunset on her way to Venice. By 7.30pm we had darkness! Daily temps are still 28c/82f, blue skies and sunshine with tourists continuing to enjoy the beaches.


  1. It's a nice blog you got here, The pictures are all very pretty.I wonder what is it like to work on a cruise ship, lucky you.
    Pleased to meet you

  2. Hi there! 80% of the photos I use are my own as the Adriatic Sea here has some beautiful views, inc my balcony - lots of action on the sea during summer! Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I was Captains' Secretary for 5 years cruising the globe - round and round ... great experience!