Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Full Moon July 7th 2009

I can't say these are the best full moon photos as just trying to get head around my camera, but took these at 9.20pm last night from the bedroom window. I check online and see that the full moon occured at 9.21pm so I was 1 minute out! Tonight thundery (again!) and cloudy, so no moon. Glad I captured the silvery seas yesterday.


  1. July 7th is my son's 15th birthday! The full moon was a good omen, don't you think? Beautiful full moon shots....very dreamy and ethereal. Thanks!

  2. To experience the full moon on the sea in person is much better than seeing in a photo. Here we have no tide, just a gentle lapping against the rocks ... all quiet and peaceful!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to your son Carla! Indeed the moon has a pull on your energy, I certainly feel that here by the sea.