Thursday, 2 April 2009

Yachts for Dubrovnik

To cheer myself up today, as our weather continues to be dismal, I dug out some photos I took of the various superyachts which have graced our shores passed our apartment in the last year. April is now the time for the yachts to commence again!
Top photo is The Maltese Falcon a magnificent 88m (290ft) sailing clipper owned by US venture capitalist Tom Perkins. Second from the top is the massive Rising Sun 138m (453 ft) owned by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and is the 5th largest yacht in the world. The last 2 photos, one is a tres elegant french sailing yacht and the final one is I think Sea Cloud II - with about 30 sails.

Makes for interesting viewing with the binoculars from the balcony!

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